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Understanding the Different Types of Copiers Machines and Their Uses

When it comes to copiers, there are various options to pick from. They come in a broad range of shapes and sizes, prices and with their own set of features and functions. Each device offers its strength to perform particular copying functions and meet your requirements. 

Buyers and businesses should know that there are many options for a copier machine. Understanding each type, their uses, prices, and what comes along with it will help your work functions and make it last. 

Buying a copier is not solely because it has a lower price or it can perform enough. Whether you want to capitalize it or have the leverage to improve workflow, we’ve got you!

Keep on reading to understand the different types of copiers machines and their uses:

Wide Format Copy Machines

Wide Format Copy Machines is the most common type of printer in the market and is a standard one. These copiers are perfect for businesses or if you need to copy many things fast. It only takes a few minutes to copy and print all your documents. 

This printer prints high-quality prints fast, which helps eliminate the need to go to any print shop to print and copy massive volumes. It also saves you time and money, though, at the start, it will be an investment since it’s expensive. However, imagine the cost you can save as you do the print, copy, etc., yourself rather than hiring someone else. 

This copier also has tiny ink droplets and ejection, which means it will not run out fast. It also produces high-quality prints perfect for graphics and is full of designed documents. It is the ideal copier if you are constantly using a wide range of materials like flyers, posters, brochures, and event banners.

Digital Copier

A digital copier is the most common copier you will see on the market. This copier is the most recent evolution of analog printers. Since analog copiers are obsolete, rarely available on the market, and incompatible with modern devices, a digital copier is far more efficient and workable. 

Digital printers, even though they have fewer features than other multifunction copiers, like not printing high-quality images, still have excellent qualities. For instance, it serves as the focal point for you to print, scan, copy, and fax without needing professional-type copiers. 

Multifunctional Copiers

A multifunctional copier is a device that has everything you need, “all in one.” Since you can use them for any function, it doesn’t solely serve to copy a document. It can also scan, print, and fax documents. 

These multifunctional printers are now very popular in the market because of their advanced features. The most recent one is connecting to the network or internet to make printing or copying works a piece of cake. It is also compatible with a lot of accessories and devices, which increases their efficiency and functionality. 

Desktop Copiers

If you’re looking for a copier that is compact and small enough to fit in your tiny office or space, this desktop copier is. Their size allows them to fit anywhere but still function perfectly. The only problem is that they can only print small papers around A4 or not larger than 11×17 paper. 

Network Copiers

Network copiers are the most suitable device that can connect to multiple devices. All the computers can be networked together and directly input into the copiers so that everyone can print, copy, fax, and scan wirelessly.


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