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What is Toshiba 3530c Error Code C467?

What is Toshiba 3530c Error Code C467

Ever had to do a printing job and your prints never made any impact on those who saw it? Or ever had to do a copy job and your client simply informed you that you did not come even close to the original image? One way or another, at one time in our lives, we have experienced this. An experience that not only puts to nothing all of our efforts in printing out or copying the documents. Efforts that brought us to several machines and several places just to accomplish.

This kind of experience is what the Toshiba 3530C aims to make a thing of the past. So far into the past that we won’t ever remember having experienced it or having had to go to all the physical and emotional hassle just to get a printed or copied image that does not even come close to what we had envisioned it to be. This is because for Toshiba 3530C, color is a form of communication and great color easily makes whoever is looking at it understand the message being sent. That is why, when Toshiba designed the Toshiba 3530C it made sure that the colors that will come out in your print or copy jobs are outstanding.

When you use the multi – function color systems, the colors of Toshiba 3530C are fast, easy to use and economical. Now, you can get high speed, high quality halftones and color quality that is uncompromising in its mission to bring out all that is true to the imagined vision of the user. And this is made possible by the use of Toshiba’s patented e – Fine processors, microfine toner and new developer. And to complete the ensemble, Toshiba also added their new four-drum laser process that uses their patented intermediate transfer belt. It is this transfer belt that helps to create colors without any compromise whatsoever.

So, imagine this time, instead of lectures and disapprovals from your clients or bosses because of your ho – hum images, you now earn praises and wonderful acceptances that easily wipe out all of the stress that you had to go through when you printed out or copied the images. Add to this imagination the situation where now, instead of running from machine to machine or places to places, all you have to do is sit back in your chair and access the Toshiba 3530C wirelessly. Yes, wirelessly. No more running to the copying area for the copier or the printing area or to the whoever’s office just to get your printing and copying jobs done. With a click on your mobile device, laptop, tablet or desktop, you can now easily perform those once upon a time jobs which are a laborious task.

And if you ever had to personally and physically access the Toshiba 3530C, you won’t ever have to consider the job a drudgery simply because its very user-friendly, colored and tilting control panel is a wonder for the eyes to behold. This is because this wonder of wonders control panel is Section 508 compliant with increased visibility. No more eyes hurting or eye straining just to get the job done! And, with the advanced systems in the Toshiba 3530C, you can now print your documents from the USB flash drives that are a must in all offices, then scan the same documents to your USB flash drives! So convenient and so very worry – free.

That running from one copier to another machine to another that we talked about? Just to do the copying on the copier or the printing or the scanning or the sending of faxes? With the Toshiba 3530C, such an experience can go out in the same way as the dinosaurs! This is a machine that is a copier, printer, scanner and fax that packs all of these functions and more in its durable and space saving body! In one machine you can do all of your copying, all of your printing and your scanning. And if the boss sends along a document to be faxed, well no worries. Right there, in the Toshiba 3530C, you can do just that. Very convenient, right? That is why with the Toshiba 3530C, the way that you conduct your business and perform your tasks are changed so drastically you will wonder why you even had to go through all of the hassles of separate machines such as copiers and printers.

And when your supplies for the Toshiba 3530C becomes depleted or, horror of horrors, suddenly used up because of a rush job for your copiers for lease/ copier leasing or copier rental business that simply had to be done soonest instead of another day, the Toshiba 3530C provides for Automatic Supply Ordering. This means that all you will now have to do is simply contact the Toshiba company or center and request for the delivery of your needed supplies to your copiers for lease/ copier leasing or copier rental business. And so you can continue with your job without any other concerns. And if you simply have no time to deal with errors in the Toshiba 3530C, all you have to do is do a Service Call and help will be on the way to do copier repair.

Can errors occur while you are using your Toshiba 3530C? 

Yes it can. But still, there’s nothing to worry about. Built and designed for your convenience, the Toshiba 3530C makes it possible for you to solve these errors in an easy, speedy and convenient manner during copier repair. Even the copier repairs are easy. So there is still less time consumed, less stress experienced and less worries for you and your coworkers in the copiers for lease/ copier leasing or copier rental business that you work in.

For example, while you are calmly using the Toshiba 3530C copier, error C467 suddenly appears! What does it mean? It only means that there is a Pressure roller thermistor abnormality after entering ready status or in lay man’s terms, there is temperature abnormality at ready status. And this can be caused by a problem in the power supply unit of the LGC board. 

How to solve it? 

  • Check the connector and see if the pressure roller center/rear thermistor is installed properly. 
  • You can also check if the harnesses of the pressure roller center and rear thermistors are open circuited. If these all look okay, see the power supply unit and fuser unit. 
  • Check if the fuser unit is installed properly and if the pressure roller lamp is open circuited. if the parts are not properly connected, connect them carefully and securely. 
  • If there is any part that has not been properly installed, take them out and reinstall them during the copier repair. This time, in the proper manner so that this error can be avoided the next time that you use the Toshiba 3530C copier and copier repair is a thing of the past.

What about paper jams? 

Can this happen in the Toshiba 3530C copier? You bet it can! Especially when the machine is as eager as you are to finish all of your tasks at the fastest time possible! When this happens, simply carefully read the notice on the control panel then follow the instructions for copier repair. In no time at all, you will have cleared that paper jam during copier repair and whistling as you see your jobs being completed in no time at all!

The Toshiba 3530C is a wonderful product that aims to provide you and your copiers for lease/ copier leasing or copier rental business with a new way of conducting your business. It is also a great way to install new, convenient, productive, and very laid-back ways of completing your tasks. It allows you to focus more on the essentials and not become bogged down by the hassle and stress of completing your tasks. In this way, not only are you more productive but your copiers for lease/ copier leasing or copier rental business also become capable of providing newer ways of answering your clients’ needs for copiers and copier repairs.

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