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Importance of Printer Management in a Hybrid Workplace


After the tragic plague of the COVID-19 pandemic that kept people locked down in their homes, only those able to adapt to the new normal stayed in business. For a long time, business owners looked for a better way to keep their employees safe and productive, thus the birth of the hybrid work setup.


Hybrid Work Setup

The hybrid workplace style is described as a work environment where employees work on-site for some number of days, then at home for the rest of the week. This allows employees to maximize productivity at work by minimizing the stress caused by inflexible work routines and long hours of commute.

A hybrid work setup means that the number of people and, in turn, the work that needs to be done in the office is not as great as it used to be. At the same time, secured office networks are now allowed to send and receive data from various and potentially harmful networks.

Multifunction Printers

Most, if not all, new multifunction printers or the so-called All-in-One printers can connect to the wi-fi network. This function allows the user to print documents from their mobile and remote devices and email scanned documents directly from their printers. 

These printers are expensive, regardless if they were purchased or leased, and most especially to maintain. With the hybrid work set up, office printers from departments that have more people working on-site will be used more often than printers from other departments. Both underutilized and overused printers are prone to malfunctioning and, thus, service maintenance. 

Companies also need to know how to identify which printers need replacement, servicing, or discarding, which departments need more access to printers and their supplies, and when to order new supplies. 

Managed Print Services (MPS) Program

These issues can be addressed with the help of a partner that has a specifically designed program set up for your printer-related issues. Effective MPS programs include hardware and supply management, usage tracking, and most especially, network security.

  • Hardware and supply 

Traditionally, companies keep servicing printers and copiers until they are irreparable anymore in hopes of cutting unnecessary costs like buying new printers when older ones are still functioning; what they do not realize is that older models cost more on repair, electric consumption, and supplies than new models. New models also enables a smother output on prints

MPS programs also have a comprehensive tracking program that sends an alert when supplies are low on the system. This program allows the management to resupply the printers accordingly for a lesser waiting time between usage.

  • Usage Tracking

MPS software tracks and records usages of your printer fleets for an easier cost evaluation. This tracking software also minimizes the efforts needed from the IT resources when dealing with printer-related problems and enables them to focus on more complex IT issues.

  • Network Security 

When talking about network security, an office printer is probably the last thing to be suspected as the cause but remember that anything that can be connected to the internet is vulnerable to cyber-hacking. In a study conducted by Quocirca’s Print Security Landscape for the past 12 months, 68% of organizations in the US, and Europe have experienced data loss caused by a printer-related security breach.

For these risks, MPS partners can provide a team of professionals that can conduct a Printer Security Assessment that would ensure all safety protocols are working and in compliance with the security guidelines of the company.


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With the continuous adaptation of the Hybrid Work Setup, effectively managing the printers in the office through MPS is more important than ever, since it allows businesses to maximize work efficiency and data safety while lowering unnecessary costs.