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Is Laser Printer Good For Occasional Use?

Nowadays, many things are becoming paperless where everything is just a couple of taps in our phones, tablets, laptops, and more. We can now easily compile our essential documents or pictures in our different gadgets. Moreover, we can effortlessly share it online. However, there are still some moments when we need to print something. With this, we still need printers. There are still some industries and people that are not yet fully adopting paperless because they still realize that restoring essential documents is still better and convenient. Mostly the people who use printers are students, teachers, home-based employees, and people with small businesses. Having printers is so accessible for them to print documents like reports, assignments, and more. But not all the time we use or print. There are weeks and months that printers are untouched. With these, some printers are annoying because the cartridges quickly dry out. With that, we tend to look for printers that are good for infrequent use. There are many kinds of printers, one of them is laser printers.

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What is a laser printer? How does it work?

A laser printer is a known type of personal computer printer that uses laser beam light to print text or an image to paper. 

The first thing to do is to send the document to the printer. Then the laser now will fire on the cylindrical-coated drum (known as a photoreceptor) using electrical charges (positive charge) to form a pattern. After charging the drum, it is being rolled now into the toner from a toner cartridge. A toner is a powder type of ink. The software directs the toner to transfer into the paper to print. The piece will be heated to fuse the toner. Then the result will come out, a clean copy of the document. 

Is it okay not to use the laser printer often?

People who have printers at home worry if it is okay for printers not to be regularly used. As for the laser kind of printer, you don’t need to worry even if you haven’t used it for weeks or months. The laser printer has a significant advantage over other printer technologies. Laser printed technology is not like the traditional printer that uses oil-based toner for printing. The laser printer is unique because it uses dry powdered material or toner to produce a print. It is a dry plastic material that will not dry out if not used for long, like the liquid or oil ink cartridge. Its powdered toner is in an air-tight dispenser to avoid excessive humidity that can cause damaging effects to toner and may affect its lifespan.

Moreover, the printer does not require additional maintenance. It will not affect the performance of the print if it isn’t given regular care.

The laser printer machine is suitable for home and office settings because it does not require frequent use.

How much does a laser printer cost?

There are several kinds of laser printers. Here are the common types of it: the monochrome laser printer and the color laser printer. The price of these varies from each other.

Monochrome laser printer only prints black-and-white color, which is perfect for plain text documents. It can print fast and a high amount of paper which is high quality. The typical cost of an entry monochrome printer ranges from $70 to $200. This printer is perfect for personal or home use. It is small, a space-saving machine that can print up to 1000 copies per month. The premium monochrome printer cost ranges from $500 to $1500. It is expandable and network-ready. It prints faster and can produce up to 100,000 copies a month.

Color laser printers are suitable for both graphics and text documents. Color laser printers are more expensive than monochrome printers because they now have more colors of toner cartridges. It can print higher quality and produce a volume of copies. The entry-level color laser printer price ranges from $130 to $300, perfect for low to medium volume use. This type of printers’ speeds in printing tends to be lower. At the same time, the printer that offers a faster printing process costs $450 to $800. The premium color laser printer price ranges from $800 to $1300. This printer is suitable for both personal and business use. It is expandable, network-ready, and offers the fastest speed of printing process that can handle a large volume of pages.

Final Thoughts

Printing is still necessary these days, even if some things are now paperless. People with a laser printer will not be bothered if their machines are untouched or not used for a long time.

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Are you looking for a printer that is best for occasional use? A laser printer is a perfect device for you. It uses powdered material toner that does not dry out like oil-based ink cartridges. Read more.