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What is a Multifunctional Printer and Why Do I Need One?

Multifunctional Printer

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Nowadays, printing devices have become necessary in almost all workplaces and offices. Even several institutions like schools in health centers and government agencies call for printing machines. Because of the pandemic being experienced worldwide and the mode of learning becomes modular to some countries, the purchase of printing and photocopying machines went up in the market.

It is easy to purchase printing machines. There are plenty of stores out there where you can buy them. However, it might not be easy to choose which type is best appropriate to your printing needs. If you’re looking for the kind of printer which caters not only to the printing task but can do other functions too, a multifunctional printer is the best option for you. 

What is a multifunctional printer?

A multifunctional printer known as MFP is a piece of equipment or machinery that serves the primary purpose of copying and printing documents. Multifunctional printers do not just copy and print but do other functions too. Below are some of its additional functions. You can note them if you want a reference for buying one.

  • Scanning. There are MFP brands that can scan over a network, but some are through a USB connection only. You can ask if it can scan books, photos, transparencies, and slides because some type may not.
  • Faxing. There are some types of MFP in which you have to print a document first before faxing, while others can do it directly from a computer.
  • Emailing. This is one of the best functions of MFPs. You can do emailing directly. You still need to check if the direct email feature works with your in-house email or through your specific internet service provider.
  • Automatic document feeder. Check if the printer has ADF for copying, scanning, and faxing. 

Why do I need one? 

There are plenty of advantages if you purchase or lease a multifunctional printer. Take note of the following benefits provided below:

  • Budget-friendly. You don’t need to buy one machine for copying, another for printing, faxing, and scanning because MFP can do all of these functions. Multiple functions in one device.
  • Space reducer. Having one device with multiple functions in your office minimizes space and reduces office chaos. You can use the space left for other things and purposes. 
  • Time-efficient. Usage of MFP in your office saves time and ensures productivity. MFPs operate faster than other printers, and you can do printing, scanning, copying, and faxing simultaneously. 

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