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Make Sure Your Copier Is In Top Condition

A lot of people don’t realize the importance of maintaining their office machines. By taking care of your copier and keeping them clean and in shape, you can help prolong the life of your copier. Here are some ways to keep your copier well-maintained and in good condition. 

Keep it clean.

Keep the glass scanner area clean. Dirt and dust on your copier can scratch the copier glass, and it can mess up your copies. You need to make sure that you use a soft lint-free cloth with an approved static-free cleaner when you clean the copier glass. Also, make sure to check your copier user manual to see what kind of cleaner is approved for your copier. 

Replace the toner.

Replace your toner when you need it. Your copier should tell you when the ink is ready to be changed. It is also important to change it on a regular basis. Running a cartridge until it is out will not only produce low-quality copies but can also harm the copier. 

Make Sure Your Copier Is In Top Condition

Turn it off.

Make sure to turn off your copier. When it is not being used, turn off the copier or put it into hibernate mode to save power and also prolong the life of the copier. 

When the copier is not in use, do not use it as a shelf. When the copier is not in use, do not stack boxes and other items on top of it because stacking things on top of the copier can crack the glass, break the cover and wrap the copier surface. The best thing to do is to treat your copier with care. 

Vacuum out the toner receptacle.

Despite the design, some toner bottles leak small amounts of toner when being inserted and removed in the toner receptacle. It is important to clean these spills before they start working their way through your copier. Before you replace your toner, be sure to always inspect the toner receptacle and do a quick pass with a vacuum. There are a lot of consumer-grade toner vacuums on the market that you can buy, or you can get a mini shop vac. These vacuums also have handy attachments that can help get into hard-to-reach areas. 

Vacuum out the paper drawers and bypass tray.

Like your toner, your paper trays need vacuuming too. Dust and dirt can easily fall into the trays when you are loading paper. The bypass tray is another place that is very easy for dust to build up as it is usually left open and exposed. After the majority of the dust has been cleared with a vacuum, compressed air can be used to clean any hard-to-reach places. 

Clean the area where the paper is stored.

Wipe off your paper storage shelves, too, and stay on top of keeping the store clean. If you have reams of paper collecting dust, consider moving your paper to different areas. 

Dust and dirt on the outside of your paper are likely to fall right into your paper tray when you load it. It is also important to store paper in a cool and dry place and stack it flat to prevent wrinkling. If you can’t use an entire ream of paper that you opened, then store it in a dedicated container so that they are protected. Imperfect paper in a copier tray is the reason for paper jams. 

By following these steps, you can help your copy machine last longer. You can also have it maintained regularly.

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