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The Nuts and Bolts of Leasing: What Every Small Business Should Know

To buy or to lease? This is one of the questions many business owners need to answer, especially if they plan to invest in a brand new multifunction printer or copier for their office. Some newbies in the business world may feel surprised to know that leasing is a great option. As you roam around the city, you will learn that copiers and printers come at various prices, and it will be a better idea to lease a copier than to purchase a brand new one. 

What type of copier does your business need?

Multifunction copiers and printers come in different capabilities, speeds, and sizes. The prices range from 100 dollars to 1000 dollars. The prices are usually affected by certain things such as speed, page volumes, color, document size, and a lot more. 

For instance, additional choices like multiple or folding paper drawers, hole-punching, and stapling will definitely add to its selling price. Since the cost of copiers can be high-priced, leasing allows many businesses to acquire these copiers and printers and save a huge amount of money without vast expenses. Today, there are a vast number of copier brands that you can choose from. They come in various sizes, features, and specifications that will benefit your business. Browsing the web can be a great help. 

What are the available leasing plans today?

If you search on the internet, you will find varied financing choices, but you should consider the difference in price and service. Leases come in two forms. Fair market value leases or also known as operating leases are affordable and flexible choices that offer the lowest monthly payment.

 Since the company leasing the copier doesn’t own the hardware, it does not need to be traced as a company asset, but the payment is deductible as operational expenses. end-of-lease options include:

  • Returning the device to your leasing company.
  • Buying the copier at fair market value.
  • Renewing the existing lease and upgrading to a brand new copier over a new lease.

When selecting which end-of-lease option you want to try, it is important that you fully understand and know your responsibilities. 

What are the available service plans?

In terms of leasing options, there are many important things that you need to consider, such as the costs of supplies and service. Just like cars, multifunction printers and copiers also require preventative maintenance. Aside from this, it also needs service calls and repair.

Service agreements can be hustled into leasing agreements. This agreement can cover technician travel costs and toner cartridge replacement. Whether multifunction printer or copier is billed on a cost per page basis, the overall amount can be bowled into lease cost. The perk of this is that your business will only have one regular invoice for all services, supplies, and equipment. This will simplify your budgeting task since there is a low risk of unexpected expenses. 


It is impossible to include that leasing will always be a great idea. The best thing that business owners need to consider is all the essential factors discussed above. 

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It is essential to know for what purpose each worker or department will use the copier or printer. It is also highly recommended to contact and set an appointment with your trusted service provider or dealer to know more about the available leasing options. You can discover whether leasing a copier can really benefit your start-up business. 

If you are considering leasing a copier, here are some essential questions that you should consider.